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FDA registered as medical orthotics. Palmetto GBA approved code L-3060.

Please see the four different options to use the code as follows:

  1. Fit the P.O.L. Custom-Fit orthotics for your patients and bill the patients’ insurance using the code L-3060.

  2. Fit the P.O.L. Custom-Fit orthotics for your patients, then send the orthotics to an orthotic laboratory for additional accommodations such as top/bottom covers, metatarsal pads, etc. This qualifies the orthotics with accommodations for code L-3020. In this case, you use the P.O.L. Custom-Orthotics as the negative casts. P.O.L. orthotics lab can make all top covers and accommodations for a flat rate.

  3. Earn commission by referring your patient to buy P.O.L. Custom-Fit orthotics through using the QR code assigned.

  4. Earn commission by referring your referral link to other podiatrists to sign up as our affiliates.


Both P.O.L. Custom-Fit and P.O.L. Rx Orthotics are 100% customized to the unique shapes of the patients’ feet using the in-shoe casting technique while feet are in the neutral position. Forefoot varus/valgus and abnormal pronation are self-corrected. The custom-made fiberglass shells of the P.O.L. orthotics are stronger than polypropylene shells, and they can be refabricated for worn-out top/bottom covers and accommodations. The P.O.L. orthotic is ready for use in just fifteen minutes after injecting six ccs of water.

We are confident that P.O.L. Orthotics will make your orthotic treatment more effective and profitable.

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